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How To Get A College Coach To Respond To Your DMs

Today we will be discussing how you can get a college coach to reply to your DM. I hope this can help!

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College coaches get thousands of DMs, but there are 3 things you can do to increase your chances of them opening your message and responding to it.

1)- Address the coach by name. No coach wants to receive a spam message that thousands of other coaches receive. If you address them by name they feel more individualized. And that’s just psychology honestly. So I would recommend addressing each coach you message by last name. Example: “Coach Caraway”

2)- Keep it short and sweet. Essay type DMs are not the most effective way to get some to respond. I respond to all of the DMs I get on Instagram & I can tell you from personal experience, I answer the shorter questions first. I realize I am in a position to help you guys improve so I actually appreciate people taking the time to write out a long message to me, but when you respond to a hundred DMs per day usually- the shorter ones are much easier to respond to/quicker to respond to. So I would keep your messages to a college coach very brief because they do not have a lot of time on their hands.

3)- Include an attribute about yourself that might peak their interest. Whether that’s your height, being a 3 year varsity starter etc. Something that is marketable about yourself that might make them interested in you. College coaches might see the DM and read it but not respond because you don’t peak their interest. But if you’re a 6’4 QB out of Texas, that might catch their eye. Obviously don’t lie, you want to be as transparent as possible. But don’t be afraid to promote yourself in a non arrogant way. 

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