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How To Get A More Accurate Deep Ball

How you can have a more accurate deep ball is by doing two things: getting more air on the ball and not swinging your front shoulder open. A lot of guys throw it too far ahead of their receiver and there is nothing worse than missing your receiver by that much. If you can focus on getting the ball up quick and letting him run it down you will be more accurate. But you have to know your personel if you have a faster guy out there, maybe not as much air but you still want it up quick. The 2nd thing with your front arm should be essential for guys who miss inside a lot. Usually it’s because your arm swings across your body. Keep your body square to the target and let your hips drive the ball out. Don’t swing your front shoulder open. If you want a detailed booklet on what you can do to improve your arm strength and deep ball mechanics, click the link below! ⬇️⬇️

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