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How To GET FASTER This Off Season

In this article I will be giving you 3 ways that you can get faster this off season. I hope you enjoy! 

1)- Explosive movements in the gym. Often times, especially football players, do not know how to train properly in the gym for speed. They will lift like bodybuilders. They do the core lifts like bench press, curls, overhead press etc. While this can serve some athletic strength benefits, when it comes to speed… it serves no purpose. To build speed you need to be activating your fast twitch muscle fibers in your workouts. That is where your speed comes from- every athlete has fast twitch muscle fibers and slow twitch fibers. Some more than others. The more fast twitch fibers you have, the faster you will be. So exercises that exert “all out effort” will build more fast twitch fibers. So you moving weight or having to explode on an exercise as fast as possible can directly translate to speed without even having to run. But you just be giving your max effort- because sprinting is a max effort movement. So doing exercises like power cleans, box jumps, jump squats, explosive lunges etc. can all help you build speed. So make sure you aren’t training like a bodybuilder. You can do some of those exercises but make sure you are mostly training like a football player.

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2)- Stretching. This is something I didn’t understand until I was late in my career. Stretching every night before you go to bed is one of the best things you can do for your speed. It can open up your hips, hamstrings, groin, lower back, core etc. Which all translate to speed. Some athletes are so tight at their hips they physically cannot even bring their knee up to 90 degrees. They can’t drive their knee let alone run at top speed. So stretching can actually open up your stride and allow you to run faster. If you are a stiff athlete you will always be limited in your performance.

3)- Resistance training. So this is an obvious one but I have to include it. Running with sleds, bands, up hills and bleachers can all help with your speed. I would try to incorporate 1-2 resistance training days (running with correct form) each week. If you are a WR and would like a 16 week workout schedule to help you get faster, more explosive and to increase on field performance, check out the link below! ⬇️

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