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How To Get Noticed By Colleges

If you don’t have a lot of resources and don’t want to pay thousands for a recruiting service that probably won’t work, you should do the following. Start reaching out to coaches with your film! It is the exact same thing recruiting services do. I think it means more coming directly from the player. You need to message them with their varsity highlights on either Twitter or through email. Don’t message the head coach, he will never respond. Message your position coach. If I’m a QB I’m going to message the Quarterbacks coach. And I’m going to tell you right now, he probably won’t respond right away. But you need to be persistent. Send him 12-14 emails a year. You being persistent is what will separate you from other recruits. Let’s put it this way, those guys get literally THOUSANDS of emails weekly. But, if they keep seeing your name pop up time and time again, because that is rare, I bet you your open rate will be much higher. If you feel like you will struggle with what to say to a recruiter after the 1st or 2nd email, click the link below. I just started offering an email template with 13 follow up emails to send to a college coach. This is exactly what I did to get recruited out of high school. I had 1.5 years of film and no recruiter doing anything for me. I stayed persistent until I got my opportunity. Click below! ⬇️

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