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Below we will be discussing how you can get offers if you play at a small high school. I hope this can help! 

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So it is not the end of the world if you play at a small high school. Odds are definitely stacked against you but it can still be possible if you do the things that we will be discussing below.

1)- Need to have dominant film. I am assuming that you might not play the highest level of competition in your conference if you are at a small school. So you need to be dominant. If you want to play D1 college ball, and it’s okay if that’s not your primary goal- if you want to just get your education paid for that is fantastic, you need to be the best player on the field. It should be obvious that the opposing team players are on a level below you. College coaches aren’t idiots. They watch a lot film and see a lot of talented players. So if you are playing lower competition, you need to be head and shoulders above them talent wise.

2)- Get to camps to build a network. You should try to go to college camps where there are multiple universities in attendance. They call those satellite camps. I’m not saying to go so a school can offer you on the spot. You are playing a guessing game when you do that. I’m saying to go to build a network. Meet coaches, follow them on Twitter, shoot them a message on Twitter after the camp ends thanking them for their time etc. At a small school you usually don’t get a lot of coaches visiting in the winter/spring AKA the “contact period”. So you have to go meet these guys and get them to follow you. So you can send your film to them and get a little bit of recruiting buzz. If you’re good enough to, you might be able to impress one and that relationship can actually turn into something. The following season you should send that coach your mid season and final season highlights. Since you already have a relationship he is more likely to open your email or Twitter message. 

3)- This kind of builds off number 2, but only go to camps where you have communication with a coach. So sometimes this isn’t the case because you need a starting point but let’s say you have been communicating with coaches via Twitter already and have met a few. You should go to their camps and camps where they will be at. Coaches like scouting people they already know/have seen. So if you already have somewhat of a network, I wouldn’t waste your time at camps where you don’t know a single coaching staff member. Everyone should start somewhere. In point #2 im referring to sophomores and freshman maybe. But if you’re a Junior and you have experience you should go where you are known. Helps you stand out amongst a crowd. Because we all know that camps are usually very crowded and tough to stand out at. 

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