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How To GET OFFERS In A Small Town

Below we will be discussing how you can receive a scholarship offer when living in a small town. I hope this can bring you some value!


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Step 1)- Make a target list. A goal without a plan is simply a wish. You need to pick 8-10 schools from each level of college football (D1,D2,D3 & NAIA) that you would be interested in attending or at least talking to. Some of you might be interested in any school that wants to offer you, which is fine but I still recommend narrowing your choices at first so you can get comfortable with this process.

Step 2)- Have dominant film. If you are in a small town, chances are you probably don't play the biggest schools or highest levels of competition. Which is totally fine. College coaches are professional recruiters and they can tell if you have it or if you don't. So you need to make sure that your hudl highlight film is dominant. You should be the best player on your team, in your district and hopefully state. Obviously if you're not, you can still play high school ball. But those should be your goals if you want a chance to play at the next level. If you are reading this without varsity film, I suggest to stop reading this and focus solely on making varsity this off season. Focus on developing your skills, your speed, getting bigger and getting a higher knowledge of your playbook. In a small town you NEED VARSITY FILM to stand out.

Step 3)- Get your film in front of coaches. Reach out to coaches via Twitter & email. You need to persistent. All of the info is out there. If you don't have a Twitter, make one. If you are uncomfortable messaging coaches and putting yourself out there, get comfortable. How bad do you actually want it? I'm sure all of you reading this have seen a video of myself (Coach Grant, the guy from First Down Training) on social media at some point. Believe it or not, I used to be terrified of speaking on camera. I hated it & never wanted to do it. But I wanted to build something bigger than everyone else and help as many people as I could so I GOT COMFORTABLE. You need to get comfortable marketing yourself to coaches and putting yourself out there. How bad do you actually want it. If you have questions on how you can reach out to coaches, don't hesitate to message me or contact me and I can help you. And I'm not going to charge you $ for questions like that scam NCSA

Step 4)- Get out to college camps. I would find the closest college camps in your state and attend a few this year. You may not get an offer on the spot but you can build a relationship with a college coach who you can keep in contact with throughout the years. You never know what can happen, recruiting is all about relationships and who knows you. That coach might switch schools one day and they might need a WR or QB and since you have been persistently communicating with them (not in a spam way) they might come to you. All you need is 1 single cosch to believe in you.

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