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How To GET OFFERS On A Bad Team

Below we will be discussing how you can get offers on a bad team. I hope this can help you out! 


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A lot of people are faced with the dilemma of sticking it out at their original high school that isn’t the greatest or transferring to a bigger school that has a higher competition level. I am going to tell you why that may NOT be the best move for you at this time. 

Just because your team has a bad record, does not mean that you aren’t a recruitable player. College coaches are recruiting you, not your team. They care about what you can do personally to help their program win and help them keep their jobs. Period, end of story. You need an explosive and dominant highlight tape to play college football. College coaches are the best scouts in the world and within 30 seconds they will be able to tell if you can play college ball based on your tape. Now listen, everyone loves to win. You don’t want to be an individual that is just solely about themselves and doesn’t care about wins and losses. You should want to win in every aspect of your life. Winning football games is important, but if you’re not winning games that doesn’t mean jump ship to another school. Because what if you don’t end up getting as much play time at that other school? What if that other school gets a transfer? Etc. The only time it might be worth it to transfer because of a bad program is due to college exposure. If you’re sitting at a school that doesn’t get any college attention in the off season, nobody has scholarships and nobody has had a scholarship there for quite some time… then you can look at other options. But you better be damn sure before transferring. Don’t rush the transfer process because I’ve seen guys do that and 99% of the time it ends badly. The school you choose needs to be the right fit, you need almost a guarantee that you will start (there are no guarantees but you all know what I mean), and more college coach attention. But if it’s equal exposure and you just want to transfer to a winning team… that’s not the best reason to transfer, it will not make a difference in the recruiting process. You get recruited from your highlight tape, high school coach recommendation, and building relationships with coaches. Not your high school record. 

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