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Today we will be discussing how you can get offers if you play on a bad team! I hope this can help.

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So if you play for a bad high school team and you’re wondering if a college coach is going to care… he’s not. A college coach is recruiting you, not recruiting your team. You never want to be a selfish player and only care about yourself, but sometimes you need to face facts that your team just isn’t very good. But as long as you are balling out and playing well, you can 100% still get recruited. The only benefit of being on a good team is that you will play more games by making the playoffs. So you will have more opportunities for film. Also, in some cases, better teams will player higher levels of competition. So if you’re a WR, you might match up against a DB who is a recruitable guy and if you play well against him, that can turn some heads. But those are the only benefits. If you’re thinking of transferring to a school who has  a winning record/tradition but it’s a lateral move in terms of skill level/competition… I would think twice. The only time you should transfer in this type of situation is if you are transferring up. If you go to a bigger school with higher levels of exposure. The high school coach should have connections and have a history of getting guys to the next level. But if you’re gonna do all the same leg work for recruiting (DMing coaches, going to camps etc.) then I would probably stay where you are at. Again, that’s just my humble opinion. But it is 100% possible to get offers on a bad team, you just have to play your game extremely well to make an impression on coaches when they see your film. 

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