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Today we will be discussing how you can get started in the recruiting process without varsity film. I hope this can help!  

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So if you are an underclassman or even an upperclassman and you don’t have any varsity film yet, you still want to get started with the recruiting process. 

First thing you need to do is make an “X” account. Formerly known as Twitter. That’s where college coaches live and actively recruit. They don’t recruit on Instagram, YouTube or TikTok. While those platforms are great, they won’t help you out recruiting wise. X is where you need to be. Your X bio should be your name, graduating class, position you play and the school you attend. On X, you want to upload content there to make sure you have some type of social media presence. Just clips of you training, lifting and working out will do. Now you want to use this app to connect with college coaches. Search up different football programs X accounts and follow the coaches for the school. Ex: “USC Football” (If you go to where it shows who the main football team account is following- there is usually a long list of coaches). Follow them and message them. Don’t message them, “hey coach you should take a look at me I’m a rising sophomore”. That’s the wrong way to go about it. There isn’t much they can do without having varsity film on you. You need to message them and ask a question to start. Ask them about different camps they have coming up. This can get them to reply and easily open up a line of communication. You have a higher chance of getting a response when you ask a question. 

So now step 2 is to actually attend those camps. Make sure they are feasible and somewhat close, but you want to message the coach before and after the camp. We are just trying to build a relationship. So the following year when you can get actual varsity film, you have a contact with an open line of communication that you can submit film to. This is the only way I would say to get started in the recruiting process via social media without any varsity film.

I hope this was able to give you some value. 

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