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How To Get Recruited At A Small School

If you attend a small high school there are 3 things you need to focus on to get recruited and to play at the next level. They are much simpler than you think…

1)- The first thing you want to do is ball out and be one of the best players in your town. It’s obviously harder to get noticed attending a small school… but talent is talent. In California where we live, there are almost thousands of high schools and I believe 15 different high school divisions. Division 1 has the big private schools like Mater Dei & St. John Bosco… if you start on either of those teams you will probably get an offer just based on the talent they play and have there. Now for the other 300 schools it is still possible to get recruited- and we see it happen every year. But the one thing all those players have in common is that they absolutely dominate. They are some of the faster players In their division, strongest, and show the best plays on film. You have to be a very big fish in a small pond if you want to move on from a small school to college ball. Before you worry about anything else- you need to ball out.

If you guys would like a 4 week workout plan to improve your speed & explosiveness so you can make big plays on film this year… checkout the link below!

2)- The second thing you want to figure out is who the recruiting coordinator is for the biggest city close to you. Let’s say you live in the middle of nowhere in Illinois- I would find out who does recruiting for certain colleges In Chicago. You need to get your highlight tape in front of that coach. Colleges will send out a coach to recruit a whole state. He may not even be your position coach but this is the guy you need to be in contact with. If you don’t know how to find him- ask some of the guys who are getting recruited in the area. Im sure at least one will help you out.

3)- And last but not least- go to college camps. You can reach out to guys all day on Twitter but if you’re not playing the best teams competition wise- college coaches will want to see you with their own eyes. Not saying a camp will get you a straight up offer- but you can build a great relationship with a coach that can lead to them taking you seriously.

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