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How To Get Recruited On A Bad Team…

Below we are going to discuss how you can get recruited playing for a bad high school that does not win many games. I hope this helps you out!

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So if you play on a bad team, that is not the end of the world. You can still get recruited, even if your team doesn’t win any games. Colleges are recruiting you, not your team. College coaches are some of the best in the world at recognizing talent. That is their job. They scout and coach for a living so they are pretty damn good at it. If you have that “it” factor they will be able to notice. They know when your team is bad and they know when you are good. They will not judge you for having a losing record. Now I’m not saying just throw your hands up and expect coaches to find you on a bad team. You need to get your highlight tape in front of them, get out to camps, contact them on Twitter etc. But my whole purpose of writing this is for the guy who is discouraged about the recruiting process because his team doesn’t win. Yes playing for a school that wins can benefit you, but honestly it will only benefit you in 1 way- more games. If you’re on a team that makes a deep playoff run you have opportunities to play in more games, and obviously make bigger plays. But the success of your school does not dictate if you go to college or not. Go where you can play, and go where you will ball out.

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