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Below we will be discussing how you can get recruiting stars! I hope this can give you some insight on the recruiting process and why stars DO NOT MATTER & in my opinion, should not be something you strive for.

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I want to start by saying this, when you get to college, not a single person, player or coach cares how many stars you had in high school. It’s all a bunch of made up nonsense. I’m going to explain to you the process of obtaining stars in this article but I’m also going to explain why it is complete BS.

First things first, you will not get stars if you don’t perform well when it’s full pads 11v11. A lot of people think that “oh if I go to this camp I’m gonna get stars” “will this camp get me stars?” Etc. People have even asked me before with my camps, “will you give me stars if I attend?” What is a star ranking from me or any coach gonna tell anybody? It makes zero sense. The people who give out stars are the guys who work for certain recruiting sites like Rivals & 247 Sports. However, those are both media companies right? So what pays for media companies… views. So they want the most views as possible on every single video that they make or article that they write. An article titled “5 Star WR From Texas does this” is going to get way more views than “WR Josh Johnson from Texas does this”. It’s all about numbers. The more clicks they get on videos- the more they can charge advertisers for ads. AKA Clickbait. It’s all a money game. So the star rankings are a bunch of made up labels. These recruiting sites usually rank people that they hear about from a regional scout. So each region of the country will have a scout. You might see it on their Twitter bio. “Rivals Southern California Regional Scout” He is the guy who you want to impress I guess to receive stars. But college coaches don’t go to rivals or 24-7 to ask who their guys are. Colleges do their own recruiting. They literally invest hundreds of thousands of dollars flying from state to state to scout talent. If you are a baller in high school, the regional scouts will know about you and the college coaches will know about you because they will be recruiting in your area. The university of Alabama doesn’t call up and say “hey do you got any prospects for me”. College scouts are the best scouts in the world and want to see talent for their OWN eyes. They won’t take the word of some computer guy. 

So reason that I write this is that you can’t cheat the system. Football is one of those sports where you can’t hide. You’re either good or you’re not good. So if you focus on the right things like playing well, getting faster, getting bigger, improving your skills etc. So you can be the best possible player on Friday nights, then the stars and offers will come. It’s not easy, but you shouldn’t set out for stars. As soon as you graduate you turn into a zero star again. It’s a small moment of gratification that is not important. What’s important is how your high school coach and college scouts view you. And that’s what I believe you should strive for. 

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