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How To Get Your Name Out There

The most important thing in getting your name out to colleges is having a good highlight tape. But VARSITY film. Not 7on7 or JV or Freshman film. Not a single college cares about that. And you’re gonna think I’m wrong because you see guys get offers based off of 7on7 or 8th graders getting offers so early. The reason for this is because they have potential. The coaches already know their names because of either their speed, size, or a connection. They don’t watch them play 7on7 and go “oh, he’s got what it takes to play D1” it’s an offer purely on potential. Coaches have been doing it a long time and they are usually right about it. Now guys think that they have to get offers super early or they won’t “make it”. Could not be further from the truth. Everyone’s journey is different. If coaches don’t know you, you’re gonna need varsity film and you’re gonna need to start emailing them with the tape. And how you get their email is off the football teams website or Twitter. And honestly, you probably won’t get any responses at first. But how bad do you want it? Are you going to send them a follow up email? And when they don’t respond to that are you gonna send them another one? If you want to get your name out there so bad that’s what it takes. Then, when you go to a camp and they see the name on your shirt and remember all of those emails they got, they will start to pay attention. That’s the process and the road less traveled. Hope this helps

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