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How To Improve Your Game Everyday

If you have the mindset that you are going to get 1% better everyday, you will accomplish a lot of things. A lot of guys don’t have that mindset, they see how far they have to go and how much better they need to be and they quit on themselves. If you don’t quit, you’re likely to not fail in the bigger picture. You will have micro failures along the way and some may seem big, that’s just apart of success and life but if you keep pushing those failures are just fuel. Now some people aren’t wired this way, they think a failure or a closed door is the end of the world. If you truly want something you need to go after it. When I first started doing training, I probably messaged 300-400 players and parents in the Southern California area. I have about 40 consistent kids that I train currently and I have trained over 100 in just the past year. That means I have had 100s of failures, countless number of doors shut in my face. But failure is good. You need to embrace that. Everyday try to do something that gets you better. Now I love hearing the excuse of “what about rest days coach?” Even on rest days you need to be doing something. Your mind is something that doesn’t get sore. If you want to improve your football IQ, even on your rest days, click the link below ⬇

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