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How To Improve Your Spiral

The 3 tips I can give you to improve your spiral are very easy to accomplish. It is just going to take reps. If you don’t have someone to throw to, you can sit in your room and throw the ball up in the air to yourself to work on this. The first tip is letting the ball roll off of your index finger. Your Index finger is your spiral finger, you don’t want the football to be pushed out of your hand and you don’t want to let your wrist break when you do it. Which brings me to my second tip, turning your palm out on the release. If you get your thumb parallel to the ground when you let go of the ball and you extend at the target, you will most likely have a tighter spiral. Let it roll off your index and flick your wrist to where your palm is facing away from your body. The last tip, which brings everything together, is your grip. If you have a poor grip the ball won’t spin. Now I’m not talking about your finger placement, I’m talking about how you hold the ball. Hold the ball in your fingers and it shouldn’t touch your palm, don’t grip the ball too tight either. Have a relaxed hand but be firm and hold the ball in your fingers. No palm on the ball allows you to actually flick your wrist. When you palm it, you push the ball and your wrist breaks. Those 3 things will help you improve your spiral.

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