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How To LOSE WEIGHT This Off Season

Below we will be discussing 3 things that worked the best for me when I had to get slimmer and cut down one off season. I hope this can help!  

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1)- So I was never over weight I just needed to drop my body fat % to become a better athlete. And what worked best for me to do that was cutting out white bread. White bread is not the best type of carb for you. It is easy but ultimately a processed food. It is not natural. I replaced white bread for slower releasing carbs- by slower releasing i mean carbs that don’t give you a bunch of energy right away, it’s a constant energy give. So I would eat brown rice or sweet potatoes instead and that helped me get a lot leaner. You need carbs as an athlete but healthy carbs can help you lose extra fat. It gives you more energy in your workouts and that brings me to my second point below. 

2)- The second thing I did was up my intensity of my workouts to burn more fat. So if I was in the gym, normally since I was lifting heavier, I would take 2-3 minutes between sets- but when I was trying to cut I took 30 seconds to 1 minute and did higher reps on sets. Obviously lighter weight. This gave me a huge benefit and helped me burn fast at a much faster weight combined with my diet. Upping the intensity is a great way to burn more calories and lose weight 

3)- And last but not least, I stopped eating everything that came in a wrapper. So protein bars, chips, crackers etc. all were cut from my diet. I only ate what I could kill, gather, or grow. (Not literally but what I could find at the grocery store). Combining these things is what has worked for me and continues to work for me as I still follow this diet. I am not a nutritionist by any shape of the word but this is an extremely easy diet and workout plan that you can follow. 

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