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How To Make Quicker Reads

Making quick reads is an essential part of the QB position. You need to be able to think on your toes and get the ball out of your hands. But how can you do that effectively. The most important thing is being able to tie your feet to your eyes. Wherever your eyes go in the pocket, your feet follow. Curl flat concept for example. Your eyes are at the flat make your feet follow, the flat is covered, get your eyes to the curl and have your feet follow. This is important for you to stay in a good base and get the ball out of your hand with little to no wasted motion or time getting your feet set properly. Your throws will be more accurate too. How you work this: when you are throwing routes with your teammates vs air. Don’t just stare the route down, work the progression, if it’s a 3rd read throw, go through the first 2 reads. It’s all about repetition.

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