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Okay so we get this question a lot when it comes to memorizing plays and a playbook. Below I am going to give you 2 strategies that worked the best for me- this is not the only way to do it but it is definitely an effective way I feel for most athletes. I hope this can help! 

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Often times, especially in high school, a team will not have a playbook. I have heard this from many athletes who I work with and many athletes on social media. That their team doesn’t have a physical hard copy playbook. So the best way to memorize an offense like that is by essentially making your own book via notecards. Now I think this is a great strategy even if you do have a physical playbook. It’s a way to help memorization off the plays. I would write the name of the play on one side of the card and then the full play drawn up, with each players responsibility that you have to know on the opposite side. (For QBs that is everyone, for WRs that is maybe just all of the WRs). You writing this stuff out will help you figure out what you know best and what you don’t know. Then obviously going over this stuff on a daily basis will help you memorize. If your offense has hand signals I would include a description of the hand signal on the back of the card as well.

The second strategy that I saw a lot of results with was using a whiteboard with the notecards. I would look at a notecard with the play name- then draw it on a whiteboard and cross reference it with the back of the card. I wouldn’t waste a ton of paper and if I made an error I could easily erase and re-do it. It takes effort to make the cards themselves- that is the most work but trust me the only way to memorize a playbook completely is by doing the hard/boring stuff. Which a lot of guys don’t want to do, which is why a lot of guys never reach their potential simply because they don’t know what to do. Don’t let that be you. 

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