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How To Mentally Prepare For Gameday

How you can prepare mentally for game day is by doing 2 things. 1) Taking each play one at a time and focus on doing your job. This is the easy one. All week you practice doing your job to the best of your ability so every single play you have to slow yourself down, quiet your mind and take it one at a time. That’s the only way you can be efficient on the field. Especially QBs. If you try to do too much it can hurt the team and yourself. The 2nd thing you can do is know your opponent better than they know themselves. This gives you confidence, and the understanding of what you need to do to win. Now how can you do this? Watching film! That’s the best way to prepare for a Friday night game. You have done all the physical work in the off season. Now the mental aspect can improve everyday and you keep growing. But how should you break  a defense down and study a defense when you don’t have coaches around? That’s exactly what I teach on my website! We talk about what to look for in each defense and the key indicators of what a defense is trying to do, also we talk about how to identify the weakest and best player. It is like we are in the film room together.  Click below for the info! ⬇️

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