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I think the most important thing in deciding what school you want to attend is comfort, how comfortable are you with the school of your choice? Do the coaches make you feel at home? If you are deciding what high school to go to, I think again comfort plays a big factor, academics, and a football program you can see yourself being in for 4 years. Don’t just pick a school because you think you’re going to play right away at the high school level. Now as for college I think again comfort plays a role, but your college decision isn’t a 4 year one, it’s a 40 year decision. Do you feel comfortable enough to buy into the program, the school and the community? That’s the question you need to be asking. Can you develop a relationship with the coaches? How strong is their department for your major? All of these apply. Choosing a school is a big decision, I’m not a fan of the transfer thing but it can help you out, but I would personally like to see you stay at a school all 4 years and buy in because you and your family made the right decision from the start.