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How To Prepare For A College Camp

College camp season is going to be coming up and just camp season in general with all of the Nike/Adidas combines but how should you prepare for those? These 2 tips are going to help you perform better and score better. 1) Don’t focus on what other people are doing. This is a common mistake a lot of people make when they go to camps. They start stacking themselves up to other athletes and watch them like they are a spectator. The athletes who do well at these things are focused on one goal, performing the best they can. You need to compete with yourself at these events, nobody else. Coaches notice focused athletes too. Believe me, nowadays, a typical high school player goes to these kinds of camps just for the stupid picture after. Doesn’t care one bit about the performance... Good luck trying to impress any coaches with your cool Instagram picture. 2) Expect a college coach to notice you out of the crowd. That’s so unlikely to happen at a college camp. To be honest the college is doing this as a fundraiser. Sometimes they can see talent but you’re not gonna get an offer at a camp where it’s not an invite camp. And I don’t mean the same email thousands of athletes get saying it’s an “invite”. Colleges have two separate camps. One for recruits and one open to the public. To get their attention you need to build a relationship prior to the camp. Sending emails, commenting on their stuff on Twitter so they see your name constantly. Then when you get in front of them and you ball out they start to pay attention. College camps are all about grabbing the attention of a coach you have built a relationship with before. Hope this helps all of you

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