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How To Prepare For This Season/ The Next Level

All football players need to invest in themselves. I think people are afraid to put in the work it actually requires to be successful because they do not want to invest in themselves. They are afraid maybe it won’t workout or maybe they will fail and that is why you won’t get any success thinking that way. A lot of people are comfortable sitting on the sidelines and if you’re reading this I’m hoping you’re not one of those people. The guys who succeed aren’t afraid to screw up. So what if you put in a lot of work and don’t get your opportunity? Get back to the drawing board and figure out where you went wrong or why you didn’t accomplish a goal and get better. Investing in yourself whether it is time or money can’t be a negative thing. Let’s say you invest in a coach and his training methods don’t help, its not like you got worse. If anything you got better, you know now what methods do actually work and how you can avoid coaching like that. Investing time or money is always a risk but no risk= no reward. Invest in yourself, nothing else. Guys are really quick to buy something for fortnite, call of duty, or fast food because there is no risk there. It’s comfortable and doesn’t worry them. And that’s why it’s very rare that it will give you any reward. Again, invest in yourself and your self improvement. 

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