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How To Set Up An Unofficial Visit

This is one of the MOST OVER HYPED aspect of college recruiting and below we are going to share some insight as to why unofficial visits mean absolutely nothing. I hope this can give you some more info on the topic.

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So unofficial visits are often times publicized on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and more. And the problem is that people love to act like they are getting recruited by a school simply for the hype. But the fact of the matter is, ANYBODY and I mean ANYBODY can take an unofficial visit. The different between an official visit and unofficial visit is that on an unofficial you are paying for everything. You pay for the flight, the hotel, the food and every other expense. On an official the university pays for it, that’s why you see REAL recruits taking official visits when the time comes for it. And they guys who are just there for the photo-shoots, suddenly stop showing up on Instagram. To set up an unoffical visit, you literally call the recruiting department and say “I want to set up a visit or a tour of the facilities”. It’s not difficult because the school isn’t going to turn down a chance to hype up their school and have photos taken of their uniforms. It’s just publicity for them and they simply do not care what kind of recruit you are. Schools will invite the guys who they are recruiting for an unofficial. Most guys set up the tour themselves for the hype. The reason I write this is so young athletes don’t get discouraged with their current position/recruiting process. I can’t tell you how many athletes I train/communicate with say “how did he get a visit there? And how is he getting recruited without film?” And that only serves to distract you from the common goal. Which is getting your education paid for and playing at the next level. The more time you spend worrying about other people, is the less time you spend on your own goals and aspirations. Ignore the noise, and the unofficial visits are just noise. If anything, it’s nothing to be proud of. Guys are literally paying hundreds if not thousands of dollars on trips just to take pictures in a schools uniform. If you are a real 3 star-5 star recruit this is a different story. Unofficial's are good to take and it’s great to see the campus. But all I am trying to say is that you get a lot of guys who have never even spoken to a coach on the coaching staff posting about their “visits” and “tours”. It’s all BS. Stay in your lane and at the end of the day what matters is what you can showcase on film. Instagram & Twitter can lie but the film doesn’t lie. Be the guy who shows up on film. Get some real recruitment, not some fake recruitment for Instagram.

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