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How To Stand Out At A QB Camp

How you can stand out at a QB camp like Elite 11 or  the Rivals Camp Series is by doing a few things. You need to focus on your game first and foremost. QB coaches want to see who the alpha male of the group is. And how you can show them that is by competing with yourself. The best guys have a competitive temperament that is second to none. You know what a good throw is and what is a below average throw. So start executing that and competing with yourself. Now the second thing you can demonstrate and what makes you REALLY stand out is having a high football IQ. Knowing coverages, knowing what a defense will do before they do it. That’s the key to any QBs success. In a camp setting, believe me, coaches don’t want to explain that stuff. And the more you can demonstrate your knowledge the more you will stand out. Now, how can you improve your football IQ? If you become a member on my website you can see 16 NFL Defensive Breakdowns of coverages each month plus 50+ previous breakdowns already created.  We talk about how to ID coverages and how to beat every single coverage in the book. Click below to become a member ⬇️

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