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How To Stand Out At Camps

When it comes to camps the best way to stand out is by doing these three things we will discuss below, I hope this helps you out!

1)- You need to take every rep possible. Obviously don’t be that guy who steals reps and pushes people over to get reps, but if there is a rep to be had, you need to take it. You should be dead tired after a camp because of how many reps you got. More reps = more opportunities to make big plays that will help you get noticed.

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2)- Wear bright colored clothes. Chances are at college camps, because the pricing point is very low, there will probably be 100-300 kids. Very tough to stand out so wearing bright colored shorts or T-shirts can help you catch a college coaches eye in a crowd. You don’t need to be obnoxious but wear something that’s going to catch their eye.

3)- And last but not least, find coaches to talk to after the camp. Ask them what you could improve on, ask them when you could check out the campus etc. Just find some questions to ask them so you aren’t that kid who just leaves. If you perform well, chances are they will want to talk to you. But if they don’t approach you, you need to approach them. Don’t expect an offer just simply ask them some questions to get them talking. Then follow them on Twitter afterwards. Tweet at them and mention the camp. Good contact to have for when you get some film to send out

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