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How To Stay Relaxed In The Pocket

How QBs can stay relaxed in the pocket is by doing a couple of things, you need to relax your traps and have a strong base and focus on solely doing your job. Mechanically if you’re traps are relaxed and Base is strong you will be more comfortable playing in tight spaces or in a “phone booth” like many people say. Now when it comes to the IQ side of things, just focus on doing your job. There is only so much you can do after the ball is snapped. Going through reads, buying time in the pocket and making a good throw. That’s it. That’s how you can lock in and be focused. Only worry about what you can control. You cannot control that a guy misses a block or drops a ball but you can do what you can to pick that player up after the drop or to avoid the pass rush from the missed block. If you want a full booklet with everything QB you need to know to get you ready for gameday including tips on mechanics, IQ, spiral, accuracy, arm strength and much more, click the link below!!

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