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How To Throw Better Off Platform

How QBs can become better off platform throwers is by doing the following things: when you are in practice, and there are no coaches, try to focus on making the most uncomfortable throws possible. The key to being a great QB is being comfortable with the uncomfortable. Not having your feet set and still having the confidence to make the throws necessary to put points on the board. A lot of QBs, especially high school QBs can’t do this. This is a big emphasis I put on my QBs. Try to be as uncomfortable as possible when you are throwing to especially stationary targets. When it comes to mechanics when you are off balance on throws, you need to have the same timing with your foot strike and sequence. Front foot should hit the ground at relatively the same time as a normal on platform throw would. Your arm is going to do the same but your lower half and hip rotation remaining consistent makes all the difference. Rotate your shoulders and really emphasize your wrist flick. If you want to learn about the different types of off platform throws and all throws QBs have to make in general, checkout our QB Bible below! This is a full instruction manual that teaches you everything there is to know about playing QB! ⬇️⬇️

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