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How To Throw With A Quicker Release

How QBs can throw with a quicker release is by doing the following, widen your base and engage your hips sooner. So everyone thinks that widening your base automatically quickens up the motion, which is true but if you lack hip drive it won’t do much for you. If you get your front foot down quicker you need to rip your hips around faster and rotate. Try to get your front hip to open to where your hips are parallel to the target. That is the goal with your hip drive, hips parallel and your back hip should come through before the ball. If you have a quicker foot strike and are able to do this with your hips faster, your sequence will be quicker and therefore you will get a faster throwing motion. If you want more QB mechanical tips, check out the link below to see our QB Bible. It is a full throwing manual on everything QBs need to know as far as mechanics, footwork and the mental side of things go. CLICK BELOW ⬇️⬇️

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