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Watching film is so important in the process of beating a team each week. It was my favorite part of preparing all week for a game. Film is literally the answers to the test. So simple and you should be watching an hour of film each night, if you have it, of your opponent. If you don’t have film of your opponent, watch 1 hour on yourself. Film study is so important to improving your own game and beating the other team. But how should you watch it? As a QB you need to look at everything, I would break down the DBs, then the Linebackers and then the linemen in that order. You are going to have to watch plays over and over again to understand what they will be coming at you with. Same goes for every other position, WRs might think the linemen don’t matter but you should still pay attention in case you have to throw a block. You can never be too prepared for something. Also if you go into film with your team and you don’t have a pen and paper to take notes, you’re doing it WRONG. If you watch it by yourself and aren’t taking notes, that is WRONG. You should write down something about every single play. What you did well, what you can improve on etc. and that should be your Bible. Refer to that thing every night and you should have pages upon pages on the other team. That’s how you prepare properly and that’s how you gear up to beat a team.

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