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How To Watch Film

How football players on offense should watch film is simple once you get the hang of it. Obviously it’s all about repetition and watching hours but what exactly should you look for? You should always have a notebook when watching film. If you show up to film with nothing to write on you are doing it wrong. You need to write down the defenses tendencies. What coverages they are in often, what blitzes they like, and what fronts to they like. Also you should take down who their best LB,DB and D-linemen are. Those will be your tells for what they base their defense around. You should watch film on them in all situations. What do they like on first down? What do they like on 2nd down and etc. that’s how you watch film of your opponent to make yourself prepared for the game. Don’t watch just to say you watched. Watch to get something out of it.

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