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How To Win A QB Battle

A lot of you are going back to football camp and there will be an open competition for the QB spot because of no spring ball and in some cases summer practices. So EVERY REP matters. There is not a single play that doesn’t matter for you. And to be honest you shouldn’t be rusty. But let’s say the other QB you’re competing against is pretty decent and it is going to be a battle, the only way you win is by doing what he isn’t willing to do. Battles are won at the QB spot with the mind. If you can understand what the defense is going to do, you understand your playbook and you just have a higher overall IQ, that will beat physical traits. I’ve won QB battles and I have lost QB battles as a younger guy, and it came down to who knew the offense better because when you get to a certain level, everyone can sling the rock.  If you want to get a higher QB football IQ to make sure you win a position battle, click the link below! ⬇️⬇️

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