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How To Win A QB Battle As A Young QB

Being a young QB, it can often be tough to come into a varsity team and win the job. A lot of things play into this but I think if you go about it the right way, it will be a smooth transition. You have to focus on winning over the team, not just winning the job. I’ve seen too many young QBs come into a locker room and think they are the shit and the team will hate them. The team decides who plays. They have so much power. So you need to have respect for the upperclassmen and respect for the QB who has been there before you. But respect doesn’t mean fear or rolling over and letting him take reps. You are there to compete so you can help your team win games. If you don’t have that as your primary goal you will lose the battle. Arrogance at the QB position and selfishness will always lose. So don’t be that guy. Be a guy who puts the team first and actually takes time to build relationships with his guys. Honestly if I was a young QB again, I would buy my offensive line lunch once a week. You take care of those guys. If you have their respect you got everyone’s respect. I get it. You are a young player and don’t know most of these people but you are gonna need to get to know them. Put your head down and work but off the field you should actually take time to build relationships. If the team will play for you, the coaches will put you in. That simple. As a young QB it can be tricky but if you want to come in and start, you need to win over the team.

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