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How To Win A QB Competition

How you can win a QB competition is by doing the following: focus on what you need to do to make the team better. Don’t worry about the other QB and how he’s throwing. Deep down you know how good you have to be to be the leader of the team and the work you have to put in. That should be your only focus. Every time you touch the field your focus should be elevating the TEAMS level of play. Not playing selfish ball because you are in a competition. The coach is gonna choose who will win more games than them. Now I know a lot of people use politics as a reason as to why they aren’t playing, which can be true in certain cases however there comes a point when the coaches hand is forced. Stay the course and treat every day of practice and even game days as competition. You will eventually get your shot if you focus on your game, your team and how you can make everyone better. If you want to elevate your skills at the QB position so you can improve your throwing mechanics and overall ability at the QB position, check out our QB BIBLE below! ⬇️⬇️ 

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