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How WRs Can Attack Zone Coverage

The best way WRs can attack a zone coverage Corner is the following... THE BLIND SPOT. If you got a DB who is turned facing the QB you want to attack the hip that is facing you and try to work to that blind spot. When you can get to his blind spot (when you are behind him and he can’t see you) the DB has to go off of feel. So that’s when you can use your speed to maybe force a speed turn, use a change in tempo to get him to sit or any kind of move because he is going off of feel. That’s how you beat zone coverages as a receiver. If you can step on his toes and get him to really turn and run that’s a threat. You always want to be a vertical threat against zone. Vertical threat, attack his front hip, attack his blind spot and then get into the acceleration phase of the route. If you want to learn the exact technique behind each route and learn how you can structure not only the basic routes but the advanced double move routes like a squirrel route or a Dino route against man and zone coverages, check out our route tree below. It is a manual with the exact steps and technique to each route that will be taught. Click the link below! ⬇️⬇️

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