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WRs are matched up constantly with talented DBs in 1on1 situations and you need to have confidence in order to be successful in those situations. Confidence really comes down to two things and they are much easier said than done, but that is what we will be focusing on today. There is nothing worse than a WR who over thinks everything. They come up to the line without a plan and without a concept of what to do. And this is what will cause WRs to panic and not focus on solely their job. This will lead to a lack of confidence in your ability and your game will start to drop. When you are coming up to the line each rep you need to be so locked into your plan and so focused on doing your job that nothing these matters. Take every single play one play at a time and as soon as that play is over, be focused on the next play. Don’t worry about the crowd, the situation, if you’re linemen will block, if you’re QB will throw a good ball just worry about your job. And your job is running the correct route, setting up the DB, making the catch and getting upfield. Or simply to block a certain way. That’s it, that’s all you should be thinking about. When you can get in this mindset, trust me the game will start to slow down. And when the game slows down you can play fast. Your preparation leading into that game the week before is where all of this stuff is built. You need to organize a plan going into the game for the routes they ask you to run. If you are only running 2-4 routes that game, you should have a about 1-2 releases for each one of those routes and they should all look similar and you should be prepared for any situation the DB throws at you. And how you know what the DB will come at you with is through film study and knowing their defense. If you can master this part of the WR position your confidence in a game situation will never be low. It’s like preparing for a test. Now the other thing that WRs need to do for confidence is put in the work. If you think you are the best guy on the field and can do all of these moves, but you haven’t worked on those skills you are delusional. You can’t think your great if you have a bad work ethic and you can’t be great if you have a good work ethic but not the correct mental make up. Make sure you are training the game time situations you will be facing. Do game realistic drills in the off season and at practice. You should never train aspects that you will not use, this will put your confidence at an all time low. If you guys want over 150+ WR drills all based on those game situation drills and all drills are out into a daily schedule with sets and reps for 4 weeks, checkout the link below! ⬇️⬇️

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