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How WRs Can Be More Confident vs. Press

WRs against press coverage need to be confident in their game. If you aren’t confident you will not be able to beat the more physical DBs that you face. The best way to improve your confidence off the line is having a plan, if you can have a plan going into the game, and then consistently execute that plan, your confidence will build. Now what is a “plan”? You hear that used a lot and what that generally means is having a release already pre determined in your mind based off of what coverage the defense and the DB comes out in. Anybody can do the footwork needed but do you know when to execute it? If you want to see a video based on all of the press releases that I teach and the situations you can use them, click the link below to see our advanced press release video. It’s all about knowing the coverage and knowing when to execute your moves ⬇️⬇️

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