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How WRs Can Be Smarter

How WRs can improve their football IQ is by doing the following, they need to be able to know what a DB will do before they even do it by studying them extensively. If you are constantly watching film of your opponent for the week and studying their tendencies that helps your game as a whole. At the next level you won’t be able to just walk out there and play, you have to study for hours and hours. Study how your opponent plays, what he likes to do, what he’s not good at and what he’s good at. That allows you to come into the game prepared with ideas of what releases to use, what moves you can use at the top of the route based on coverage and how you can create separation to make life easier. Now if you feel like you’re confused on what moves to use against a press DB or if the timing of a certain release is right on a play, you are not the only person. There are a ton of guys who can do every release in the book but cannot execute when it comes to game time because they don’t know THE REASON WHY behind the release. If you want a full video on releases you can use to beat ANY press DB and when you should use them/ the situation to use them, click the link below! ⬇️⬇️

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