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I get asked all the time about WHEN WRs should use a specific release and it can depend on a lot but today we are going to talk about the basic principles about picking a press release to use and how you guys can be strategic off the line. So you obviously want to know a lot of press releases and know the technique behind each one but you should only have about 8-10 of them in your Arsenal at a given time. A lot of guys will go out there on game day without a plan and they will just guess. That’s not what you want to do. You want to walk into a game with about 5-8 releases pre planned based off of the looks you see on film. So film study is the key. The off season is about the preparation and the fine tuning of the details and the season is about the mental side of things. If you go up to the line without an idea of the coverage the team you play likes to run, you will be lost, panicked and get jammed. Understanding basic coverage principles also helps as well when it comes to man coverage. As a WR we need to know that if a DB is inside shade, he doesn’t want to give up the inside release. So I should probably go with an outside release move like a hesitation hop. Because if you attack his leverage inside and threaten him inside he will move because he has been taught not to give up inside leverage. And then same thing for outside leverage press. He wants you to go inside because he has help inside. So threaten him outside and take what he gives you. You should have a plan for each defensive look you will see, based on the routes that will be called during the week. If you want access to a 50 minute long video on 20 different press releases you can use, WHEN to use each one and drills to work on each release, click the link below! ⬇️⬇️

WE WILL BE IN SAN DIEGO SUNDAY OCTOBER 24th for a 3 hour QB/WR training clinic! We are only allowing 20 spots so click the link below to register because they will fill up fast! I will be working with the QBs & WRs and I will be flying in a D1 speed coach to help you guys with 40yd dash mechanics and overall speed work! Check it out here and reserve your spot. ⬇️

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