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How WRs Can Contact College Coaches

WRs can do a few things to contact college coaches and to build a relationship with them and that is what we are going to discuss today.

The first thing you can do as a WR is email your highlight tape to a college coach. So how you would go about getting his email is by going to the schools website, go to their football page and go to their staff page. There should be an email address available for you to email. You may have to do some digging but you should be able to find an address to send film to. If it takes a while to find, that is probably a good thing because that means they won’t be receiving too many emails because a lot of players just give up when they can’t find it after one look. Make sure on your tape you can stand out with some of the key things we have discussed in the past.

The second thing you can do reach out to a college coach is to message them via Twitter. Twitter is where most college coaches live. So you need to make an account and look up their names from the staff page on the website we need mentioned above. Now this is where it gets tricky, they probably receive a million highlight tape submissions a day, however if you have sent them an email, shoot them a follow request and then send your tape to them again on Twitter you are more likely to get a response because they have seen your name pop up. It’s all about persistency and being able to get in front of the coach as much as possible.

Now lastly, what if you don’t have film? Can you still contact a coach? You absolutely can, however 99/100 times you won’t get a response. So what you need to do is get out to some camps. If you can go to a camp and showcase your route running skills, speed, strength/explosiveness and your ability to make plays they can start to take interest. Without film, coaches will want to see WRs perform with their own eyes. This can build a relationship with the coach, you can start to DM them clips of you from the camp, clips of things that you worked on from the camp so they constantly see your name popping up and remember you. The whole reason we do this is not to get an offer, it’s so the coach keeps seeing your name pop up so when you do get film, he’s more likely to check it out! Now if you struggle and you feel you can’t stand out with your route running checkout this link below! This is our “Route Running Bible”, what it contains is over 1.5 hours of content based on route running and press releases. We give you 40+ drills with specific sets and reps and we also teach you 20 press releases & when to use them. These specific tools are everything you need to stand out to a college coach! Today only it is being offered at a 40% OFF PRICE! Check it out below ⬇️⬇️

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