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How WRs Can Get Recruited From A Small School

The first thing WRs can do at a small school to get noticed is focusing on getting a good varsity highlight tape. As a guy who grew up in a very high populated area that got a lot of recruiting attention, it was very easy for me to get college scouts attention. We always had scouts at our games but the thing that remained consistent is that I needed to have a good highlight tape. So that’s where you should start if you are from a less populated area. Get varsity film so you can send that film to college coaches. Now, the main focus on the highlight tape for WRs is to showcase big plays that you can make. That’s what coaches want to see at the next level. When you send a coach a random DM or email you want to make sure he remembers it. So those first 5 plays are going to make or break your tape. The coach will lose interest if those aren’t exceptional plays.

College coaches are looking fo great route runners, guys who can beat press, catch every pass, block downfield and are explosive! If you want 4 weeks of on field workouts to improve those specific aspects of your game, checkout the link below! ⬇️

Second thing you can do at a small school is that when you get a chance to play a big school or a team with college recruits, you need to show out! If a college scout is watching you go up against a D1 DB who they have offered and you are constantly torching this guy all game, you can get a “look at me” offer. Which is essentially a school gaining interest in you because they saw you while watching another player. This is why as a WR it’s so important to learn how to beat press and get off the line, talented DBs will try to test you and their coach will trust them on an island in man coverage.

Last but not least, WRs from a small school need to have a strategy when emailing college coaches. Dont just fire from the hip a million different copy and pasted messages. Make the messages meaningful, which means it will be more time consuming, but when you come from a small town and small school you need to stand out. Personalize each email or each DM and constantly follow up with a coach to keep him updated on your status/accomplishments from the season. You need a strategy in place to get your film out to the right places. Dont just email 5 schools either. It’s all a numbers game, get your tape out to as many people as you can from all college divisions. A car salesman doesn’t only talk to one customer per day, he talks to 20-30 because he knows he’s more likely to get at least 1 sale that day, same idea with you sending out your highlight tape. More than likely, one coach will at least take a look!


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