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How WRs Can IMPRESS College Coaches

Below we are going to discuss 3 ways that WRs can impress college coaches, I hope this helps!

1)- Only showing  big plays on your highlight tape. Guys, a highlight tape does not need to be 8 minutes of every catch you have ever made. You have about 5 plays to grab a coaches attention and impress him. He will have already made his decision by then. So try to keep your tape to 1-2 minutes of your absolute best, most explosive plays. Taking a slant route to the house for 70+ Yds is a big play- not catching a slant for a 10yd gain. Showcase the plays they do not expect you to make.

If you guys would like to learn over 200+ WR drills for Route running, press releases, catching and more… we make them into a daily schedule with sets & reps mapped out for you- check it out below! ⬇️

2)- Know what to do. If you are at a camp colleges will evaluate based on the 1on1s and 7on7 periods. How you can impress them in that setting is by knowing how to run routes. Knowing how to make routes realistic also helps because they want real WRs at the next level. Understand leverage, how to attack leverage and how to use spacing to your advantage. All of this can come from studying our videos and film in general.

3)- Last but not least, blocking. If college coaches see that you can block well- you are going to be a better prospect than the guy who is lazy and doesn’t block.  Blocking is all effort- you figure offenses tend to run the ball in college 30+% of the time. So if you can’t block you’re only worth 50-70% of what that team does. You limit your options- you need to make yourself an asset in the run game and showcase that on your highlight film. 

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