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How WRs Can Impress Scouts This Season

To impress college scouts this season WRs need to be able to put a few things on display. They need to showcase their big play making ability, ability to have a high football IQ, ability to beat press and an ability to beat zone coverage concepts. When it comes down to big play making that is the key to a WRs success in the recruiting process. Often times, the recruiting coordinator for a specific school in a specific area is not even a WR coach. So if he is scouting you, he may not be looking for all of the little nuances of the position that we teach, however he is expecting you to make big plays. Jump ball opportunities, catching deep passes, 50/50 balls and getting yards after the catch is what matters. If you can do this, you will jump out on film! If you want 4 weeks of specific on field workouts WRs can do to take their skills to the next level and get them ready for college ball, checkout the link below!

Having a high football IQ matters a ton at the next level and that’s what scouts will be looking for. They want someone who understands the game like a QB and who can get on the same page as a QB. If you can show coaches that you know how to beat press efficiently and get open in zone coverage coaches will take notice on your highlight tape and if they see you in person.

Now one of the main ways to get a coaches attention is to route up a D1 DB or a recruitable DB. They call those “look at me” offers and that is why high school receivers need to know how to beat press, let me explain. So let’s say you are playing a team who has a DB committed to Alabama. Chances are the coach will trust him to jam and press, so if you’re matched up against him, and you showcase you know how to beat press and can keep timing with your QB, that really stands out! Make sure you are prepared for when you get that opportunity against a big school!


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