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How WRs Can Prevent Injuries

As a WR we are constantly running full speed and having to make breaks, cuts and moves going at a very high pace. This can lead to injuries and problems with your body if you do not emphasize these 2 things in your off season workouts. 1) Obviously every WR that is familiar with our brand knows that we preach heavily on “selling fade” and “stopping on a dime” but these cannot be accomplished without ankle and knee stability. These are two things that a lot of young WRs lack. The stability allows you to make tight cuts and to have some balance with the cuts you are making. How you work on these things are by doing a lot of 1 leg field drills and gym workouts. For example RDLs or pistol squats etc. All the “pointless” drills where you hop on 1 leg develops that aspect of your game. The ankle stability and knee stability will help you absorb force with your legs when cutting at a high speed so you don’t injure yourself. If you guys would like a 4 week ON FIELD workout schedule for WRs specifically designed to help you improve your ankle stability, knee stability and overall route running ability checkout the link below!

The second thing you want to emphasize to prevent injury is leg strength. A lot of guys injure themselves because they do not have the leg strength to absorb force running at a high speed. So they reach outside their frame or they make cuts and their knee just gives out because they don’t have any strength around the knee. So getting in the gym and working squats, lunges and things of that nature will really help your ability to cut without hurting yourself.

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