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How WRs Can Use Tempo

Using tempo on your routes is one of the best ways to mess with a DB and screw up their rhythm of the game. DBs are constantly trying to get a feel for your speed and guys who run everything the same speed are a lot easier to figure out. Now if you can be unpredictable and every now and then  change up the tempo of your routes you will be more successful. By changing up tempo I mean instead of running a fade full speed, maybe give a little hesitation step when you are 10yds into it. If you have to attack leverage on a DB don’t do it at the same speed everytime. Mix up your tempo. But where everyone screws up is they don’t know when to change the tempo on their route. They will change tempo when they are a 1st read on a play. They will not be in the spot the QB needs them to be in against zone coverages. Changing up tempo is something you want to do against man coverage, not zone. Against zone let’s just get to the spot fast, against man it is more so about matchups and separation so that’s when changing your tempo works. If you want a full step by step guide on all of the different route techniques and nuances of the receiver position you can do, click the link below to see our WR BIBLE! ⬇️⬇️

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