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How WRs Should Study Film

The first thing WRs need to study on film is the opponent. So many WRs make the mistake of just knowing their responsibility on the play and not knowing what the whole play is trying to accomplish and where the holes will be in the defense. Elite WRs can read coverages and that’s how you get more targets. There is a reason former QBs like Travis Kelce & Julian Edelman get so many receptions. It is because they know where the holes will be at in a defense. So when studying film, WRs should be trying to grasp a basic knowledge of the coverage they will be playing against, and how the DB/LB/safety they are lined up against will play in that coverage. This is if you are preparing for a game that week. In the off season, your film study routine is going to be a little different however film study is something you can do everyday. It’s not a muscle that you need to rest. Repetition is key when it comes to watching film. You should know what a DB will be doing before he even does it based on the team you’re playing, the situation you are in (3rd and long etc.) and where you are at on the field. This is how you can structure a plan off the line. If a DB is constantly inside shade in man coverage on 3rd down situations, you should have a plan for that. If you run a lot of slants and he’s always inside shade on 3rd down, you should have a diamond release planned in your head before you even walk up to the line. This is how the game will slow down for you. If you can learn how to correctly study film and improve your IQ, everything on the field becomes a lot easier. You learn the reason “why” behind a lot of different release/route techniques!

Now you can learn everything you want in the film room about offense and playing WR, however you still need to have the skills and need to be able to execute. If you want a 4 WEEK ON FIELD WR WORKOUT PLAN, click below! We give you 28 days of workouts specifically for WRs on the field with sets, reps and rest days. Also we include a 30 minute instructional video where we breakdown each drill and give a full speed example! Click below to take your game to the next level ⬇️⬇️

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