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How WRs Should Watch Film

WRs should watch film as much as anybody on the team. A lot of people love to use the phrase “oh he has 5 different ways to run that route” and the mistake coaches/players make is they just teach the ways to run the route and not the why behind it. That comes from film study and knowing your opponent better than they know themselves. If you know a tendency a corner has, what coverage they are in you can structure your releases accordingly. That’s all football IQ. Everything matters, the offensive play, timing and how the defense is going to play pre snap and post snap. All of these NFL receivers who are the best route runners have a high football IQ and are a 2nd QB on the field. They don’t just come up to the line and say “hmm what should I run this play?” It is all strategic, they know before the game the releases and the routes they want to work in a specific situation. If you want to improve your football IQ and get on the same level mentally as some of the best WRs in the game, click the link below!

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