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How You Know You Are Winning

You know you are doing something right when people begin to talk. A lot of you don’t like it when people talk about you, but talk is a good thing. You need to learn how to love it because every successful person is followed by attention either positive or negative. A lot of you want to play college ball, but aren’t prepared to be ridiculed by the media and fans everywhere. If you want to be as big as you say you do, you need to be prepared for everything that comes with it.

You need to understand, nobody talks about average people. The guy who is just a normal player on the field and doesn't really do anything never gets any attention. It’s the guy who is there ever single play making a good play or a bad play. That’s who gets the attention. A perfect example is a QB or a kicker. They love you when things are going good but when things go bad, all the blame is on you. You need to be able to feed off that. A lot of people see success and they become jealous. So they hope for failure to make themselves feel better. Don’t be that guy. Success should motivate you. Once you get to the top, be prepared for love and hate. Often times from the same people. You are doing what they wish they could. Take pride in that. You are doing your thing, hustling and average minded people don’t like that. That shows you are above average. Don’t let their words affect you. That is what they want. They want you to get pissed off, lose your head, and become angry so you will fail. Don’t let them have that control over you. Keep your head down and work. Attention brings success and success brings attention. You hear about successful people who fail because they buy into what other people say. Have some thick skin and keep doing you. They will hate you at the top and they will love you at the bottom. That’s just how the world works. Stay with the group that supports you no matter what. Your “Haters” are just fans. They just have a different way of showing it.

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