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How You Should Be Lifting

Yesterday we talked about what you guys should be eating and today we are gonna be talking about how you should be lifting in the weight room. If your goal is to put on size and to gain muscle mass, you need to be lifting properly. Now properly is lifting on the heavier side, in the 1-5 rep range. A lot of guys go in there and they pick up the 10lb dumbbells and do sets of 20 curls. That’s not going to put on mass. That might get you cut, but you will not put on size. You have to be doing your main lifts like bench press, squats etc. with good form, and heavy weight. That’s how you are going to put on size in the weight room if your diet is correct. You won’t just be able to magically grow if you show up and do a half ass workout. Every workout has to be scientific. If you are trying to build speed or explosiveness, explosive movements are essential like power cleans and jump squats. But not for a high amount of reps. Less weight but low reps. Focus on being as explosive as possible. Now lastly if you are trying to cut down, you should be doing what we talked about in the first example. Low weight and high reps. High intensity workouts like that will burn fat and will slim you down. Of course, all of this has to tie in with the diet. If you are curious about what you should be eating, refer back to our previous article.

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