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How You Should Train

If your coach is a yes man, he is doing you a disservice. I’m all for being positive but there comes a time where you need to get better. There are too many coaches out there who are in it for either your money or for the ego of being in charge. If everything you do is good and your coach isn’t challenging you, it’s probably time to look for something else or call him on it. Don’t let a yes man ruin your game. You want to be challenged every time you go to the field. That’s what gets people better. Doing the things that are challenging. Don’t mistake this for a coach being positive because that’s how a lot of GOOD coaches coach. But if you are just perfect at everything, your coach is wrong. LeBron will be the first to admit he’s not perfect at everything and he’s probably the best athlete on the planet which is why I use him as an example. Challenge yourself.

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