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This is a common question we get asked and that is why we wanted to address it here. As a WR you cannot be caught up in the things that you cannot control. You can’t control your height. Fact. It is genetics. So if you are 5’8 and you are concerned about playing college football, it has been done before so it is possible. You should only focus on what you can control. And some of the things you can control as a WR is your speed, weight, route running skills and anything that involves on field skills. As far as the average height goes, I would say anywhere from 5’8-5’10 is good for a slot WR and then anywhere from 6’0+ is good for an outside receiver. Obviously those can vary but I think that’s a good gauge of where you should be at when you get to the college level. But again, height isn’t Everything. College coaches are more concerned with what you put on your highlight tape rather than your height in most cases.

Now, how much you weigh is something you can control. I think to play WR at the next level you need to weigh above 175lbs. That’s the minimum I believe. But again you see guys like Devonta Smith who weighed 150lbs. So if you have the skills and have what it takes, the college does not care about weight. A college can add weight to you when you get there. This doesn’t mean that you should neglect eating properly and training to build muscle however. If you are going against a recruit who has the exact same skill set but he is bigger than you and faster than you, they will give him the offer. Do whatever it takes to make a college coach not look away. If you guys would like a 12 week WR gym workout schedule that will build muscle mass and help you keep speed/explosion click the link below! ⬇️⬇️

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